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In this section of the Web page, I hope to offer a series of technical tips. It is my intention that these tips will give you, the ACCEL EDA user, creative ideas on what might be possible with Schematic Capture, PCB and Library Manager software.

These tips and techniques will be added periodically, so you will need to check back from time to time to see if there are any new tips to be read.

The only thing that I ask of you the reader is that you use these (or any) tips with caution. Do not try something new on your PCB design that you have been working on for the last few months. You may lose a lot of hard work. Rather, always back up your job and then only try out any new tips on a copy of your database.

I cannot take responsibility or liability for your losing your design or database due to your trying any of these tips.

If you see any inaccuracies, or improvements to any of the tips, let me know.

And now, Oztronics presents...

Tips and Techniques

P-CAD PCB Pattern Grouping during Placement - Brief discussion of how to Group placed Patterns in PCB.

P-CAD ASCII versus P-CAD Binary - Brief discussion of differences - advantages and disadvantages.

ACCEL EDA Change & Enable Layers - How to simultaneously enable a layer & change to it.

How To Create Large Symbols - How to Create Large Symbols in ACCEL EDA Schematic

ACCEL EDA Pad Naming Tip - How to Name Pads, Vias & Text Consistently

How to Draw Schematics - Tips on How to Draw Schematics

Converting P-CAD 2000 PCB Converting P-CAD 2000 PCB or ACCEL EDA PCB to Previous Versions

ACCEL Attributes - ACCEL EDA Component Attributes

ECO Keywords - ACCEL EDA Valid ECO Keywords

Key File Commands - Key File Commands for ACCEL EDA

Macro Commands - Macro Command List for P-CAD 2000 (and ACCEL EDA)

DBX Functions - 279 DBX Function List for P-CAD 2000 (and ACCEL EDA)

AWG to Dia - AWG to Dia and Dia to AWG Wire Calculator

Units Converter - Mils, MMs and AppUnits Converter for P-CAD 200x (and ACCEL EDA)

Melting Temperatures - A chart of the Melting Temperatures of Solder

Impedance Calculators - Free (or Demo) Impedance Calculators

Standards - Standards available on the Internet

File Viewers - Gerber, DXF and other File Viewers

IPC-D-356 Links - Information on IPC-D-356 Electrical Netlist Testing

PCB Blanks - IBM PC Board Blanks (XT, AT and PS2)

RS-274X Step and Repeat - Tip on How to Add Step and Repeat to Gerber Files

Re-Associating Dimensions - Tip on How to Re-Associate Disassociated Dimensions in ACCEL ASCII

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